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Declutter to Donate Course

Declutter to Donate Course

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There so many reasons why you want to declutter:

  • You want more space to live and just breathe in.
  • You want more time to do the things you value rather than chores.
  • You want less stress.
  • You want the space to be able to invite family and friends over to your home.

But it’s just so difficult to find the motivation to declutter on your own in the midst of everything life throws at you.

Turn the chore into a feel-good opportunity when you declutter to help others.

Work with a professional organizer and a squad of motivated members to declutter your home in 25 modules with a focus on looking for items to donate and help organizations in your community. 

It can be difficult to declutter when you just focus on identifying and eliminating items you don’t need or want. But when you flip the decluttering process and instead look for items you can donate to help individuals and organizations in your community, the process is often much easier.
This self-paced course contains 27 decluttering modules, including:
  • Ideas for specific categories
    • The kitchen
    • The bathroom and linens
    • 7 different categories of clothing
    • Children’s items
    • Home décor
    • Outdoor and garage items
    • And much more
  • Tips for making decluttering decisions
  • Suggestions of organizations for your donations so you can choose the organizations you want to support. There are general and very specific donation ideas, so you’re sure to find ones that work for your personal charitable priorities.

If you’ve had difficulty decluttering in the past, this is the course that you’ve been looking for.

In addition to the course, you also gain free access for 1 year to the exclusive Simple Organizing Squad (SOS) of motivated and supportive members. You can ask questions, share wins and access exclusive offers and giveaways.

It costs $40-$150 an hour to work with a professional organizer. For the cost of one hour, you get the entire 27 modules plus access to the SOS membership group.

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